We develop technology for pharmacy purchasing optimization

Cloud-based solutions for tech-ready pharmacies

Emerlyn is a technology company focused on the pharmaceutical industry that manages millions of ordering transactions annually. Billions of dollars are purchased every year through our systems. Our customers range from single-owner independent retail pharmacies to publicly traded chains & corporations. Would you like to learn more about how technology powered by Emerlyn can serve your pharmacy?

SureCost – Our Flagship Solution

SureCost is a web based ordering system that allows you to evaluate and place orders to multiple vendors from one web site created specifically for your pharmacy. It enables purchases to your existing vendors, while providing wholesale contract management, cost auditing and optimal product selection in a real-time environment.

SureCost reviews each item selected for replenishment and directs the purchase to the best source. It drives purchases necessary to comply with the primary wholesaler contract and directs other opportunities to secondary sources. Pharmacies using SureCost over existing applications and procedures have realized substantial savings.

The concept behind SureCost is to give the pharmacy the control of real-time information. With just a few clicks of your mouse, it is easier to manage day-to-day ordering, compliance throughout your pharmacy network and information for use in managing vendor contracts.

Try it For Free Today

SureCost Lite is a free platform offering 30+ vendors to choose from, at no cost to the pharmacy. Click the button below to learn more for a complete vendor list.

Even as a free platform, SureCost Lite is a fully customized purchasing solution for your pharmacy. Built and created specifically for independent retail pharmacies, SureCost Lite gives you greater visibility into lower cost items, with visibility to short dated items, with full EDI integration, shipping notices, invoice management, DSCSA visibility, and more.

Getting started with SureCost Lite is as easy as completing a one-page informational form. Costs you nothing to register, and there are no ongoing fees of any kind. If you’re unsure if you’re getting the best price on every one of your pharmacy orders, give SureCost Lite a try today for free!